Anti-viral Herbal Mix

This is the herbal mix I made for all my staff and their families as this selection of the herbs also focusses on the other known symptoms of the virus such as lung function. 

Before they had any symptoms I recommended Astargalus membranaceus.


Herbal tincture Ratio % Milliletres
Inula helenium
1:1 45 20
Sambuccus nigra Berry
1:1 25 20
Melissa officinalis 1.2 35 10
Echinacea augustifolia 1:1 45 20
Euphrasia officinalis 1:1 45 15
Solidago virgaurea 1:3 45 15
Fallopia japonica root
45 20
TOTAL 125ml


 At onset and acute phase: 7.5ml-10ml in water three times a day. Once cough has mostly subsided take 5ml twice a day until all trace has gone.